• Happy New Year! Rather than post a 2019 best nine
    2 months ago Happy New Year! Rather than post a 2019 best nine (they’re all  #BeverlyJenkins  related if you’re curious) I’m going to repost  #LustFoundReads  most popular post of 2019. This gem from the Getty archives was featured in People Magazine circa 1994/1995 timed to the release of Ms. Bev’s debut novel, Night Song, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019. Ms. Bev’s next  #histrom  release, Wild Spring, is due in July 2020 & my wish is to pack the month full of exciting, new  #JenkinsJuly  content. Last year  #FunmiBaker  wrote a beautiful tribute to Ms. Bev to close  #JenkinsJuly  (link in profile).
  • Waking up at 4am has its perks Amazon dropped a
    3 months ago ‪Waking up at 4am has its perks... Amazon dropped a  #BeverlyJenkins  cover & synopsis reveal into my inbox this morning for WILD RAIN (formerly Wild Spring) due July 2020! Don’t miss this gorgeousness!  #JenkinsJuly ‬
  • repost therippedbodice What a tremendous hopeinducing welldeserved announcement! Definitely needed
    3 months ago  #repost   @therippedbodice  What a tremendous, hope-inducing, well-deserved announcement! Definitely needed to commemorate this exciting news with a post on the feed!  #JenkinsJuly   #BeverlyJenkins   #InclusiveRomance 
  • PACKING UPDATE 2 Make no mistake these babies are riding
    5 months ago PACKING UPDATE  #2 : Make no mistake, these babies are riding in the car with me.  #preciouscargo   #beverlyjenkins   #jenkinsjuly 
  • latergram Getting acquainted with Vivid  Nate while in triage
    4 weeks ago  #latergram  Getting acquainted with  #Vivid  & Nate while in triage  #BeverlyJenkins   #JenkinsJuly   #OnBrand   #ReadingRomance   #LustFoundReads 

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