• Question Favorite book with a heroine in need of a
    4 months ago Question: Favorite book with a heroine in need of a second chance at life? • • ___________ Personal Post____________ I’m coming to the end of the hardest transitional period of my life. I needed a book I could relate to. Theresa July is a tough heroine who has made some mistakes in her life. While her choices are a result of a harder life, she still has to deal with the consequences. However, she takes life by the horns and comes out on top. She’s beautiful in a rough hewn way that speaks to my soul! • •  #bookstagram   #jenkinsjuly 
  • Waking up at 4am has its perks Amazon dropped a
    2 weeks ago ‪Waking up at 4am has its perks... Amazon dropped a  #BeverlyJenkins  cover & synopsis reveal into my inbox this morning for WILD RAIN (formerly Wild Spring) due July 2020! Don’t miss this gorgeousness!  #JenkinsJuly ‬
  • repost therippedbodice What a tremendous hopeinducing welldeserved announcement! Definitely needed
    2 weeks ago  #repost   @therippedbodice  What a tremendous, hope-inducing, well-deserved announcement! Definitely needed to commemorate this exciting news with a post on the feed!  #JenkinsJuly   #BeverlyJenkins   #InclusiveRomance 
  • My top 5 reads for August! I read 13 books
    3 months ago My top 5 reads for August! I read 13 books this month but just decided to share my most favorites! check out my stories for my entire Wrap Up!Here’s the list: •That Kind of Guy  @taliahibbert  •Baller  @vi_keeland  •Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins •The Austen Playbook  @lucyparkerauthor  •Ice Cream Lover  @jackielaubooks  >>>>> Of these Forbidden is definitely my most favorite and I’m so glad I read it! It was my first Jenkins read as well as my first diverse historical! What was your favorite read for August? ❤️ >>>>>  #top5   #augustwrapup   #favoritereads   #historicalromance   #foodieromance   #sportsromancebooks   #diverseromance   #bookstagram   #readstagram   #jenkinsjuly   #onmykindle   #diverseauthors 
  • PACKING UPDATE 2 Make no mistake these babies are riding
    3 months ago PACKING UPDATE  #2 : Make no mistake, these babies are riding in the car with me.  #preciouscargo   #beverlyjenkins   #jenkinsjuly 

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